I need to know when the EOL of 5.33-ESR is. I'm a subscriber and I checked here and other places but couldn't find it.


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From https://civicrm.org/esr#faqs:

For how long is each version of ESR supported?

At present, each version of ESR will receive 6 months of support. The CiviCRM Core Team may extend the release to a full 12 months of support, depending on the financial viability of maintaining this version of CiviCRM.

So I calculate:

  • Current: 5.36
  • May: 5.37
  • June: 5.38
  • July: 5.39 => next ESR

See also https://lab.civicrm.org/dev/release/-/blob/master/README.md with tentative ESR dates.

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