is someone there who knows how the en-/decoding of the optOt-URL is implemented ?

Example: https://....../crm/civicrm/mailing/optout?reset=1&jid=7&qid=14&h=817b324557dc9cb9

I'd assume that the part "817b324557dc9cb9" is the encoded contact_id 15944 ???

Please help me ;-) Thanks a lot and kind regards Dieter

p.s.: https://gchq.github.io/CyberChef/ => Analyse hash: 817b324557dc9cb9 Hash length: 16 Byte length: 8 Bit length: 64

Based on the length, this hash could have been generated by one of the following hashing functions: CRC-64 RIPEMD-64 SipHash


Welcome to SE!

You can see the construction of the opt-out URL here and the processing of it here

  • 'jid' is the Job id
  • 'qid' is the Queue id
  • 'h' is the Hash

The contact_id is not included in the URL but can be looked up via the qid.

  • thanks a lot !!! will have a look ;-) – thedi May 5 at 11:31
  • thanks again Aidan: the related DB-table is civicrm_mailing_event_queue (id. job_id) => contact_id You made my day ;-) thx !!!! – thedi May 5 at 11:49

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