I feel I should know this and the answer is going to be obvious. Is there a way to export a list of successful civimails? I need the mailing name and date, and it would help to have the mailing list sizes but this isn't crucial. I don't need the participants' details.

I'm using D6 and the latest Civi.


You can use CiviCRM inbuild reports (i.e Mailing Detail or Summary report) or extended mailing stats extension. You can export the result as CSV or PDF

  • Better answer than mine! – Mick Kahn May 6 at 9:41
  • I KNEW it was obvious! Thanks Pradeep. I'll also be testing the extnded mailing stats extension. Thank you! – Davy Ivins May 6 at 11:37

Not an elegant solution, but as a one off you could list the mailings with Find Mailings, select a suitable number of rows per page, select all the table and copy and paste into Excel. I doesn't have the list size. To more than this I think you'd have to do a query of the database and write some code to also query the report to get the list size.

  • Clever workaround :-) Thanks Mick. – Davy Ivins May 6 at 11:38

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