we are using drupal7_civicrm to contact our supporters of our ngo. We've got a "common" optIn form, requesting

  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • postal-code
  • city

Unfortunately many of our new supporters opt in with wrong / incomplete postal-code & city.

To avoide these inconsitencies within our DB, i set up a own php-form calling a python-script to check the consistence of these field-values against a webService.

The php-form "form action=" is calling itself to do the field-review. If a field has an invalid content, the form will be raised again with an error message accordingly.

If everything is fine, the next step (add new user & send confirmation-request-mail) will be performed.

???? would it be possible to change the drupal-optIn-form accordingly ???? => the form is to be found via menue: content (Inhalt) and can be edited (php)

Thanks in advance & best regards Dieter

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