I've built a report using Extended Reports- Case Activity Pivot Chart

Rows= Contact Name Column= Activity Type

Filters Case Type= Expected Case Type Activity Dates= previous Quarter Activity Types= w,x,y and z

And it gives me what I want- a breakdown of case activities in the last quarter, and a list of clients interacted with in the quarter.

Genius. Absolute genius.

But- and I can't lie this is a big but.

Instead of just having 4 columns for the 4 activity types I'm filtering by. The finished report has a column for all activity types in the system. Which makes for a lot of columns.

I've used the option to not display columns with zero totals. And this hides 3 out of my 4 columns- even though they have totals.

Currently I'm happy enough that I can now see the query results and export to CSV and delete the unwanted columns there- just wandering if anyone else had hit a similar problem and had been able to make the resulting pivot chart a little less bulky?

  • I'm not sure I'm seeing what you're seeing - if I use "Hide columns with zero count" it seems to work as expected. Also if you're willing to export to csv, then you could do find cases - export - pick your activity and case fields - then use excel pivot tables which are much more powerful and awesome. – Demerit May 14 at 3:32

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