Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I would like to upgrade my old installation of CiviCRM on an old system (Drupal 7, CiviCRM 4.6.38 ) to an up to date system like Drupal 9 / CiviCRM 5.37.2. Are there any suggestions how to do that including migration of all data? CSV export? Mysql-dump (which tables?). I am very open minded (Wordpress instead?) and experienced hacking the shit out of my system. Just looking for a best practice solution. Thanks for your help, Robert

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If you have a very simple d7 front end with minimum common modules than it won't be difficult to upgrade from d7 >> d8 >> d9.

To Upgrade Civi i would do incremental upgrade i.e

  • 4.6 > 4.7(latest)
  • 4.7 > 5.8(latest)
  • 5.8 > 5.22(latest)
  • 5.22 > 5.37(latest)

Would upgrade Civi first than drupal.

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