I'm trying to change some forms from quickforms to angularjs.
In quickforms you do this: $this->addEntityRef('Location_province', ts('Select Province'), ['entity' => 'state_province',]);

How do I replicate this in Angularjs? This is what I thought I should do but probably a class or something in CRM to already do this: In js file:

provinces = crmApi('state_province', 'get', {
      country_id: 1039,
// do I process provinces to get to the values I want?
this.province = provinces
var ctrl = this

In the html template file I have:

<div crm-ui-field="{name: 'myForm.location_province', title: ts('Province'),}">
              crm-ui-select="{allowClear: true}"
              <option ng-repeat="option in $ctrl.province.values" value="{{option.name}}">

So its not working because the crmApi returns it in an array of multiple levels so is there a class to do this for me?

Thanks in advance!


Try below code

<div crm-ui-field="{name: 'myForm.location_province', title: ts('Province')}">
    name="myForm.location_province" crm-ui-id="myForm.location_province" 
     crm-entityref="{entity: 'state_province', api: {params: {country_id: 1039, is_active: 1, options:{sort:\'name\'}}}, select: {allowClear: true, minimumInputLength: 0, placeholder: ts(\'Select State\')}}"
  • Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Jun 4 at 12:55

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