I've a CiviCRM 5.37 installed with a WP 5.72 in a Linux server. As a permalink WP setting I defined the "article name" syntax.

Well, my problem is the follow: When I create a new mail and I try to look a public view or the web browser version, I see a 404 http error. The URL that I can view is similar to: /civicrm/mailing/view/?id=13&reset=1

If I change the URL adding "index.php" all work fine: /index.php/civicrm/mailing/view/?id=13&reset=1

The same problem when I call a CiviCRM API. I need to use an URL like this: /**index.php/**wp-json/civicrm/v3/rest

This is a big problem 'cause all CiviCRM token that generate an URL doesn't work.

Why I need to add "index.php"? How can I work correctly without adding "index.php" in all CiviCRM url?

Many thanks!

  • Can you post your .htaccess file? Anonymised, of course. – Christian Wach Jun 7 at 8:50
  • Hi Christian, I solved my issue changing the Wp permalink whit "custom structure" mode like this: <domain>/index.php/%postname%/ – Civytech Jun 8 at 13:27

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