Generally, I tend not to use the CiviCRM Home page since it's not a global dashboard. However, recently, I thought some of the dashlets could be beneficial for my users.

My question is: is it possible to remove or hide some of the default dashlets (specifically, CiviCRM Resources, CiviCRM news)?

The last time I visited this feature, I recall that there is no way to reset everyone's dashboard to have the same dashlets correct? DefaultDashlets only sets dashboards for new users but not existing users.


You could update mysql directly:

UPDATE civicrm_dashboard_contact SET is_active = 0 WHERE dashboard_id IN (1,2);

1 and 2 are the ones you mentioned. You can double-check with select id,label from civicrm_dashboard;

| id | label                  |
|  1 | CiviCRM News           |
|  2 | CiviCRM Resources      |
|  3 | Activities             |
|  4 | My Cases               |
|  5 | All Cases              |
|  6 | Case Dashboard Dashlet |

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