I am creating a webform and I want the user to first select a region and then, depending on their answer, to select from a list of organisations of a particular contact type in that region. Their selection then populates a hidden email field so that the form submission can be sent to that email address. The idea is that this avoids having to manually update the list of groups and notification settings every time a new group comes into existence or a group contact changes.

However, when I go to set up a conditional eg. if region 'East' is selected, contact 4 is shown with a select list of existing contacts of that contact type, tagged 'East', it says that this is an 'illegal action' and does not allow me to do it. I have tried making the conditional point to a particular field set with the contact select field within that but that doesn't work - it seems to be an issue with the type of field.

Is this impossible or is there a way around it?

Thank you!!

Edit: Drupal version 7.80, CiviCRM version 5.36.1, Webform CiviCRM integration version 7.x-5.5 (Webform version 7.x-4.23)

  • Hi Joanna, there is a lot of development going on with webform_civicrm so it will help folk help you if you update the above with your Drupal version, civi version and webform_civicrm version – petednz - fuzion Jun 10 at 20:18

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