I´m trying to configure the cron job mail_report. I need an email to be sent to the address [email protected] every time a mailing is sent. The screen to configure it is in the following imagereport sender screenshot

What are the command parameters I need? I don´t see it clear in the "lear more" help..

Thanks a lot!

enter image description here

Hi davejenx, here´s another picture of what is happening now. I´ve put the id of the instance report (28 is the bouncing report). The log entry doesn´t seem to raise an error, but the screen gets blank on that url and does nothing :s

What I´m doing wrong?

Many thanks!

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See Managing Scheduled Jobs, for mail_report:

Generates and sends a copy of the specified report instance to the email addresses configured in that instance's Report Settings.

So you specify the email address in the settings for the report instance, not in the settings for the scheduled job.


can you please tell me exactly where the settings of the report instance are? I can´t find them :s. I go to a sent mailing, click on report, and don´t find anything to configure..

Many thanks

  • Hi davejenx, sorry to insist :) Can you please guide me where to finde the report instance? thanks!!!!!!
    – rhrueda
    Sep 4, 2015 at 12:41

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