Due to COVID we had limited our events to 20. Our September, 2021 event is oversubscribed with 8 on the waitlist.

We recently increased the limit to 28 and I expected that all the folks on the waitlist would be notified but none of them were. I guess a change in the limit after initiating the event does not get communicated to the waitlist.

Another waitlist question: our events have "Pay Now" and "Pay Later" options. It seems to me that the event limit = "Pay Now" + "Pay Later" at which point Waitlist kicks in. I would like the limit to be only the "Pay Now" folks. Is there someway I can do this?

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I've had a similar issue about increasing the waitlist limit. Check that the relevant scheduled job is running: Job.process_participant. This handles processing the waitlist participants. Read more in the User Guide.

You'll also need to make sure that you have a cron job that triggers the scheduled jobs (or you can run it manually).

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