I am working with Webform in Drupal 9 with CiviCRM 5.38. I have several membership options that the users can select and I am using JavaScript to populate the CiviCRM Contribution Amount field (civicrm_1_contribution_1_contribution_total_amount). The value for the field displays correctly on the screen when I am not hiding the field with CSS.

The problem is that CiviCRM is selling two terms at a time. I have checked the number of terms setting in CiviCRM Webform and look at all the Membership settings look correct.

I know it is selling two terms because we are seeing an expiration that is two years from the start date rather than one. Also, the amount is being doubled. The doubling is true if you pay the amount in full or using the ability to pay in installments.

When I add a membership in CiviCRM backend it is fine. This is true for a single payment and 12 installments.

Any help on how to fix this or troubleshoot finding the problem is greatly appreciated.



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