{capture assign=last_name}{contact.last_name}{/capture}{$last_name|upper}

I'm trying to render my contact name in uppercases with Smarty and include letters with accents.

At the bottom of this page in the the Smarty doc: https://www.smarty.net/docs/en/language.modifier.upper.tpl It is advised to use {$your_variable|@strtoupper} but {capture assign=last_name}{contact.last_name}{/capture}{$last_name|@strtoupper} doesn't work

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You probably want mb_strtoupper. Smarty's |upper just does strtoupper - you can see this if you look in packages/smarty/plugins/modifier.upper.php.

So one way is to hack modifier.upper.php and change it to use mb_strtoupper. You can also try using {$last_name|@mb_strtoupper} but it might give you a security error.


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