I've created some custom field sets for my contacts which work as expected but when viewing the contact record the display for radio buttons and checkboxes is slightly out in that the box is in some cases closer to the next option in the set. Can this be changed atall or any other workaround to get the alignment more accurate? thanks enter image description here

CivCRM 5.38.0 (automatic theme) on a WordPress site (Divi Theme)

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  • Which Civi theme and CMS theme are you using? A screen shot would help. – Aidan yesterday
  • Hi Aidan I've added a screenshot in and the version, thanks :) – Cirrus yesterday
  • as Aidan implied, this is likely to be a theme issue so if you add your themes for WP and Civi to your Q you may get a more specific answer – petednz - fuzion 22 hours ago
  • Thanks sorry I misread, I have added the info :) – Cirrus 8 hours ago

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