My Search kit list display does not show a list of searches anymore.

enter image description here

The console says the following:
enter image description here

I am using civicrm 5.40 drupal 7.82 Anyone has a clue on where to start solving this?

  • Do you have any blank / broken entries in the civicrm_group table? I had a similar error that was caused by a group with no name/title. Aug 6, 2021 at 11:19

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I checked and that function definitely does exist. The first things I would try are:

  1. Ensure you are using the search_kit extension in core (in the civicrm/ext/search_kit directory). Delete any others e.g. in your site's extension directory, or in civicrm/ext/search which is the old path before the extension was renamed).

  2. Clear all caches.


Thank you @Andrew for helping me in the right direction. I found a roque saved search that had no connection to a group. I deleted it and the searchkit list display workes again.

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