On contribution pages, I've been able to do this for price sets e.g.


However, I've not been able to get this to work on event pages? What's different and is this possible?


The Contribution form has this code in the setDefaultValues function:

$priceFieldName = 'price_' . $values['price_field_id'];
$priceFieldValue = CRM_Price_BAO_PriceSet::getPriceFieldValueFromURL($this, $priceFieldName);

Direct link: https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/blob/aa513711eae7c32ad1cab2e9fd077fffefcf7217/CRM/Contribute/Form/Contribution/Main.php#L246

It should be possible to implement it for events too. Check out the setDefaultValues function in CRM/Event/Form/Registration/Register.php, inside the loop here:


I haven't tested it, but if it works for you, I would encourage you to send a pull-request so that it gets reviewed and tested, and eventually included in a future version. It's a useful feature indeed. I can also help with the PR.


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