I try to send single emails (Contacts > New Email) using a message template containing smarty conditional instructions in the html part of the message and in the text part of it.

HTML format:

<p>{capture assign=lang}{contact.preferred_language}{/capture}</p>

<p>{contact.email_greeting} ({$lang}),</p>

<p>{if $lang == 'fr_FR'}OK{/fi}</p>

Plain-Text Format

{capture assign=lang}{contact.preferred_language}{/capture}
{contact.email_greeting} ({$lang}),
{if $lang == 'fr_FR'}OK{/fi}

For avoiding problems with the quotes in the smarty instructions being changed into entities, I disabled the CKeditor and I am editing the HTML part of the message in a textarea.

The ´{capture}` instructions work as expected.

But whatever I try to do, every time I include the {if} instruction in the HTML part as in the plain text part, that part of the mail is not sent. If I remove the conditional instruction, the other instructions work.

I don't understand why this simple construction is not working.


{/fi} isn't the right syntax to close the if, use {/if}


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