Gurus out there, I get an error adding a file upload field in drupal 7 webforms, when enabling the "Form Processor File Url" wrapper, something like "Directory cmrfformprocessor://webform/my-name could not be created. Please make sure directory is writable".

I tried to create every directory combination under sites/default/files, but nothing helped. Made sites/ writable for apache-user recursively but no luck. Read the civimrf and cmrf_form_processor source code without getting a clue.

Could you help me out?

Drupal, all modules and CiviCRM are current stable versions.

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I do not know, how this ever worked. Webform module checks for the schemed directory path always, even if - like in this case - the streamwrapper is mapped to an external API and not to the local filesystem.

So changing

public function mkdir($uri, $mode, $options) {
    return FALSE;


public function mkdir($uri, $mode, $options) {
    return TRUE;

in cmrf_form_processor_stream_wrapper.inc fixes the issue.

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