I need to add some external links to the menu bar and I want them to open in a new tab.

I've unsuccessfully tried variations around https://domain.net/page?target=_blank

Is this possible through the UI?


You can't do it because it's controlled by an attribute on the <a> tag. It would be possible with some extra jquery you add to all pages that updates the <a> so it has <a target="_blank"...>.

But just a warning some people don't like it when you decide for them. If they want to open in another window they can right-click and choose that.

  • thanks Dave, we've done it differently with an extension Oct 29 at 7:35
  • FWIW, if you're using Drupal, you can also do this with the external link module (which implements @Demerit's javascript stratagey). If you're doing it as a general useability policy for the whole site, it makes sense to do it at the theme level instead of hardcoding it into civicrm.
    – Alan Dixon
    Nov 5 at 12:42

Creating a custom extension following this doc was the best and quickest solution.

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