I would like to display some data attached to an event registrant on the Thank-you page. Is there a way to enable Token parsing on the Thank-you Title, Introductory Text, and Footer Text?


Hey there {contact.first_name}, thanks for registering for this event!

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Not quite in the way you'd like, unfortunately. In time, this will be possible with Form Builder, but not yet.

For now, you have a few options. I won't go into details, but will answer follow-up questions if other Stack Exchange questions/online docs don't help.

First - the simplest solution might be to redirect to a different page of your choosing. If you have another page that you can configure with their info (e.g. a Drupal View), use the Front End Page Options extension.

The second-simplest answer is to modify the thank-you template. This isn't ideal because your thank-you page will be stuck on the current version of CiviCRM unless you manually redo your changes on each upgrade. I only recommend this because it takes the least tech knowledge (though still quite a bit!).

  • Define a custom template directory at Administer » System Settings » Resource URLs and Administer » System Settings » Directories.
  • In that folder, make the following folder hierarchy: CRM/Event/Form/Registration.
  • Find that same folder relative to your CiviCRM root folder (in modules on Drupal/Backdrop, plugins on WP) and copy ThankYou.tpl to the equivalent location in your custom templates folder.
  • You can now modify the (new) .tpl file to add text/tokens. You'll see a bunch of tokens in the file, but these aren't the "normal" tokens, which aren't available here. You can see all available tokens by adding the {debug} token to the page.

Note that if you're comfortable writing extensions and/or using the API and/or using Javascript, this is NOT the way to go, because of the maintainability issue.

The most "correct" way would be an extension with hook_civicrm_buildForm to modify the text on the page - though I'd probably just use the extension to load a line or two of jQuery to get the job done.

EDIT - I just looked at your StackOverflow history, and it seems you're a coder and know jQuery - great! Go ahead and download civix, which lets you create a new extension (civix generate:module NewExtensionName). Then check out the Resource Reference to see how to add JS to a form using hook_civicrm_buildForm. If you know PHP, you can also check out the Region Reference to see how to inject a bit of HTML into the middle of the page. The $form object should contain the name of the registrant.

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