Contact id 2, is_deleted is set to 1. Permissions not an issue since running as admin and no acl's present.


  • api3 explorer: Ask for return value "contact is in trash" which translates to 'return' => ['is_deleted'], so in full civicrm_api3('contact', 'get', ['id' => 2, 'return' => ['is_deleted']]);. This returns 0 results in api3 explorer (which is wrong).

  • command line with cv: also no results

  • command line with cv but change is_deleted to contact_is_deleted: civicrm_api3('contact', 'get', ['id' => 2, 'return' => ['contact_is_deleted']]);. This does return results.

  • Seeing same on 5.35 and master. I don't remember having this issue before but maybe I never put it in the return clause. It does work as a "where" clause on the command line, e.g. civicrm_api3('contact', 'get', ['id' => 2, 'is_deleted' => 1]);, but not in api3 explorer.

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Certain field values are blocked through ajax call that includes from api explorer as well. The ajax call makes check permission to true by default and cannot be over-riden from api params. The result may vary incase calling from php or smarty

  • When you say "blocked" do you mean that if I specify is_deleted as a return value and am using ajax api, then it's on purpose that it doesn't return any records? It's not a permissions issue - everything in this case is running as admin.
    – Demerit
    Dec 15, 2021 at 16:05

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