I am generating a table of contacts (name, address, e-mail, ... and tags) based upon a certain condition using the data-processor extension.

I want to include in that table all the tags related to the same contact, but when several tags are set, the record of this contact is repeated in the list for each tag.

I wonder if it is possible, using data-processor, to include one column of my table grouping all the occurences of the tag field with the concatenation function, as with the MySQL function CONCAT_WS (separator, expression1, expression2, expression3,...). The separator should be the string , (comma blank).

  • I do not think this is possible atm. Best guess is to write a custom aggregation function. You may want to have a look at the activity data source which has a configurable aggregation section.
    – nielo
    Feb 1, 2022 at 19:40


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