I'm upgrading our website and was looking in better ways of integrating CiviCRM with Wordpress. I found a nice plugin called "Synchronizing CiviCRM data to Custom Posts" that might do what I need.

However I installed the plugin and the dependencies, I can create a custom post type via the plugin, I also get the custom fields.. However when I go into the created custom post type there is nothing.

Do I need to setup the fields first via ACF? Just missing a bit of guidance :(.

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I haven't used the plugin you mention, but if you're using ACF you might find that CiviCRM Profile Sync works for your needs. It has compatibility with ACF (ideally using the Pro version) as well as front-end form building with ACF Extended - although contributions cannot be done via those forms as yet.

  • Thnx Christian, will give this plugin a try. There is at least more documentation and information :-). Feb 9, 2022 at 16:01

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