we have an umbrella organisation that accepts donations (contributions) for multiple financial types (Artist 1, Artist 2, etc.). Some donors may contribute to more than one financial type.

We want to find a way (report, search) to look for donors that have ONLY contributed to one financial type. That is, if they have donated to Artist 1 and Artist 2, we do not want to see that. How could one search for this?

Something like find donor where # of financial types within certain date span has contributed to = 1 only financial type.

Is this possible?

Thanks, Steve Marfisi on behalf of Flyingbow

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You can do that with SearchKit:

See this link on dmaster.

enter image description here

If you don't see all the options, check you are on the latest release. This works on current master which is 5.48.alpha1 (and maybe earlier).

== edit ==

From comments in chat, some may find a step-by-step explanation helpful. The SK interface is smart in that some options and parts of the interface are only shown if they are relevant given other selections, so the ordering is important.

  1. Go to Search > Search Kit > New Search
  2. Click +Entity and select Contact Contributions (We want people with contributions meeting certain criteria.)
  3. Click With (optional) and change to With (required) (We aren't interested in people without any contributions)
  4. Click Add Condition, select Date Received (Condition fields become visible)
  5. Click Pick Date, select Date Range (Condition fields change)
  6. Click Today, select This calendar month
  7. Click Search to see the results so far - should show Contact ID & Display Name (If no results, try changing This calendar month to This calendar year etc)
  8. Click Add and select Financial Type under Contact Contributions. (We want to see financial types)
  9. Click Search again - should now show Financial Type as 'Donation', 'Event Fee' etc
  10. People with multiple contributions have multiple result lines. We want one result line per person, so click Group By and select Contact ID. Note that the Having box is displayed now.
  11. Click Search again. There is one result line per person and those with multiple contributions show a list of financial types (eg 'Member Dues, Event Fee')
  12. Click Field Transformations to expand that section.
  13. Click List in front of 'Financial Type' and change to Count. (We want a number, not a list)
  14. Tick the Distinct checkbox. (We want the number of different types, not the total number of contributions)
  15. Click Search again and it should show '1', '2' etc for the number of financial types
  16. Now filter this list to only show the entries with '1': Click Having and select (Count) Contact Contributions: Financial Type and enter 1 in the box after =
  17. Click Search - then Save if you want to.
  • nice - great that SearchKit is able to answer these types of questions
    – petednz - fuzion
    Feb 9, 2022 at 19:36

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