I'm trying to edit the table row content of the "Your Contacts / Organizations" section of the UserDashboard:

enter image description here

It appears that this section of the UserDashboard is controlled by the RelationshipSelector.tpl file. However, when I go to override the RelationshipSelector.tpl file, I notice that only the row in the <th> is being handled here and the <tbody> is not:

enter image description here

The <tbody> is being rendered somewhere and I need to be able to edit the table row inside of it that is of id="101":

enter image description here

Question: Where is the <tbody> being handled, so I can pull out the "Edit Contact Information" link and delete the rest of the table?

Note: It could also be an escaped character issue too, you can see my different attempts at removing the row and table by escaping the id of 100 (#100), which is perceived as CSS.

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The section is generated using the datatable, and data is called using ajax method.

You could use ajaxsuccess to call after the data is retrieved from ajax.

  • ajaxSuccess() did the trick. Much appreciated! Commented Feb 17, 2022 at 18:13

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