Civicrm : When creating a new membership I get this error message. : Mandatory key(s) missing from params array: membership_id Membership is not created, but the contribution is created. I have double-checked the membership types and pricing and see nothing out of the ordinary. The list of members is displayed normally with new contribution. Registration for events and activities is hassle-free. -Joomla 3.10.6, Civicrm: 5.43.2, php 7.4.28

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Resolved. errors in the creation of contribution. confusion between pricing and membership in civimember


If you have "Admin only" membership types, this stops the ability to create contribution and membership record. Change the membership types to "Public" as a workaround. Using Pricesets negates the need to have "Admin only" membership types.


I saw this on a Wordpress site recently and opening the Membership Type and resaving it in the UI (without changing any settings) seemed to resolve it. I'm guessing it was something related to a past upgrade process that left a wrinkle somehow and resaving ironed it out.

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