After creating a PCP page this email (message template) is sent to user who has contributed and created a PCP page.

Dear supporter,

Thanks for creating a personal campaign page in support of [Contribution page name]. Promoting Your Page

You can begin your fundraising efforts using our "Tell a Friend" form:

Login to your account
Click this link and follow the prompts

Managing Your Page

Whenever you want to preview, update or promote your page:

Login to your account
Go to your page

When you view your campaign page WHILE LOGGED IN, the page includes links to edit your page, tell friends, and update your contact info.

Questions? Send email to: [email protected]

My question here is,

How user can login to site since I see that there is no new user created on the site. I am not sure how this works for other but without any user creation they won't be able to login to site or edit their PCP page.

Please correct me if I am missing something here, I think user should be created and one-time-login url should be sent to user on the same email (message template).

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Site had a configuration Who can register accounts? as administration only because of which I was not getting the screen where the user will be created before you fill PCP informations. After I changed the settings everything seems to be working fine.

Configuration page link: example.org/admin/config/people/accounts

enter image description here

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