I'm new to CiviCRM and am working for a client who's 4.7.x CiviCRM has issues where I'm unable to access tabs and I get an error when switching to some tabs in the menu system, so I'm trying to upgrade.

I've got 5.48.0 uploaded via FTP to the server. I've tarred the old version in the same directory so it doesn't conflict and I have a backup. (I also have backups in the backups panel in Siteground, so good there).

I deleted the old version, unpacked the new version, and deleted the cache files as instructed. When I go to click for the database upgrade, it fails.

enter image description here

I also no longer see all my data tables on the main Dashboard page, either.

enter image description here

Should I change the version of PHP before I try to run the database upgrade function?

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You need at least php 7.2 to run civi 5.48. Even then it may be a big jump and if that doesn't work you may need to upgrade to intermediate versions in smaller jumps.


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