I am trying process a payment with Authorize.net but I tried PayPal too. I using a Drupal (9.3.9) site with Webform (6.1.3) integrated with CiviCRM Webform (6.2.0). In both cases I get "Payment failed".

Is there documentation for configuring payment with CiviCRM Webform? That might be all I need.

I have a Participant Fee from my event that the person is registering for.

I am not sure what else to share that would be helpful in figuring out why this is not working.

Thanks, Josh

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There is documentation here:

If these don't get you up and running, a few other thoughts:

  • What is your CiviCRM version?
  • Have you tested payment separately from webform, using a standard CiviCRM event registration or contribution page? This would help pin down whether the issue lies with the payment processor setup or the webform integration.
  • Does your configuration differ from what's shown in the docs?
  • Are there any error messages in the logs? (See Where are the "ConfigAndLog" and "templates_c" directories?)
  • Good points! Those docs are a bit outdated though. You no longer need to set up a Contribution page. MRs welcome! Apr 20, 2022 at 12:19
  • I am sorry I did not update this a while ago. I am not sure what I changed but it started in most cases.
    – Josh
    May 22, 2022 at 20:29

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