How do you enable a thank you page for an offline membership? We'd like to redirect them to a page that tells them how to get us their contribution. Are thank you pages only displayed when using a payment processor? How do we display something as reinforcement that we got their submission?

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"Offline" in civi can be a misleading term - it means a staff member has entered it in the backend, e.g. using the Memberships - New Membership menu choice. So you can't redirect to a thank-you page there since it's a staff member doing the entry.

If you mean pay-later, then when you configure the contribution page there's a checkbox for "Use a confirmation page?" at the bottom of the Title tab, e.g. at civicrm/admin/contribute/settings?reset=1&action=update&id=1 (replace id=1 with the id of the appropriate contribution page). Pay later is an option on the Amounts tab.

  • Yes, I mean pay-later. We are using a contribution page. But the confirmation page is a page that displays the information they submitted prior to hitting the final submit. With a PayPal submission, when you get redirected to PayPal, and you hit return to merchant, there's a thank you page that gets displayed. If you're paying pay-later and you hit submit, you stay on that page. There's no thank you page, and no opportunity to display "please send your contribution to xxx". So there's no real confirmation for the person that anything really happens. Apr 25 at 19:18
  • They can get an email receipt but that is after the fact. We would prefer to send them another email and not the receipt because we're gathering info via a profile so want to confirm what they've submitted there. Apr 25 at 19:40
  • If pay later is enabled the 'pay later instructions' are also displayed on the final thank you page (just checked on two of our sites and they appear between the user defined 'thank you' message text and above the contribution section so maybe just a configuration change that's necessary? Apr 28 at 13:38

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