I would like to create a user profile without administration privileges but can add people to our account. For example we have 3 employees, I want them to have access to the clients we serve but not be able to make administrative changes. I am able to add a user profile for drupal but not add it for civi.

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    Have a look at the CiviCRM permissions that Drupal offers via the People > Permissions screen
    – petednz - fuzion
    Apr 26 at 1:55

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That is possible. The way I would recommend going about this is making a new role in Drupal for your staff. People -> Roles -> Add role

add role

After adding the role, you can then navigate to People -> Permissions and change settings as you wish! You can set specific access to CiviCRM with certain permissions granted, while others (more admin-level permissions) remain hidden from them. Then, simply set their drupal role to be the newly created role.


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