I am using Thank You letter template to generate donation receipt. After using Find Contributions, I then choose All Records and from Actions I choose Thank You Letters.

I can then add smarty logic and am able to show the contacts name and address as well as some things like date of contribution ($contribution.receive_date) and the total amount of contribution ($contribution.total_amount) and also the ID of the Financial Type ($contribution.financial_type_id)

But I am not able to figure out how to get the following:

  • Financial Type Name ($contribution.financial_type_id.name does not work.. always returns 1)
  • Contribution Source ($contribution.source does not work.. always returns blank)
  • Financial Type Is Deductible ($contribution.financial_type_id.is_deductible does not work.. always returns 1)

I am basing what I am doing from this answer by Iowa Boy How to print USA tax receipt to individuals?

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Well after MUCH testing and playing around, I figured out what I needed, and I post it here in hopes it will help other noobs...

  • Financial Type Name was retreived using $contribution.financial_type

  • Contribution Source was retrieved using $contribution.contribution_source

  • Financial Type Is Deductible was not available in the data that was already retreived, so had to make another call to find that out. Using the Financial Type ID from $contribution.financial_type_id, I did the following:

    {crmAPI var='resultFinancialType' entity='FinancialType' action='get' id=$financial_type_id}
    {assign var="financial_type_is_deductible" value=$resultFinancialType.values[0].is_deductible}
    {if $financial_type_is_deductible eq '1'}
       {assign var="financial_type_is_deductible" value="Tax-Deductible"}
       {assign var="financial_type_is_deductible" value="Non tax deductible"}

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