I need to import a file with individuals (round 5000) and organizations (round 2000), relationships between them and all of them being added to group.

What would you advice: api import? front-end with server settings to optimize time-outs? SQL injection?

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In the very short term, the advimport extension might help: it adds a button to the core contact import to "process with advimport", and it uses its queue for processing. A bit slower, but it won't crash.

In the long term, this is something that a few folks such as Eileen and Tim have been working on improving in core, so hopefully somewhere around CiviCRM 5.51 or 5.52, core import should be much more efficient (PR#23669, for example). There are a few open PRs waiting review, if you are interested to help speed things up.

  • definitely worth giving a try! thanks Mathieu Jun 8, 2022 at 11:47

After a lot of testing, I ended up using the api csv import extension. Not perfect but at least helped me do the job.

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