We are unable to upgrade CiviCRM to 5.50.2, get a fatal error with the message Uncaught Error: Class 'CRM_Grant_BAO_Grant' while running the upgrade from UI or drush. We have Grant extension enabled, Any help would be appreciated.

CiviCRM: 5.46.3 Drupal: 9.4.0 PHP: 7.4

  • Can you provide some more details about the error from the php log? Jun 22 at 10:46

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Do you have a Grant Application extension or any extension related to CiviGrant installed? If so can you disable the extension, Upgrade CiviCRM, and re-enable the extension?

Have seen a similar issue reported on the Grant application which is now fixed by JMA Consulting but needs some testing. If the error you are facing relates to Grant Application extension then can you apply the patch and Do the Civi upgrade?



  • Yes, We have Grant Application extension enabled. Disabling the extension and doing CiviCRM upgrade worked. Thank you Jun 22 at 14:30

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