My scheduled reminders aren't working. What are some causes?

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There are a number of reasons Scheduled Reminders might not be working. It's important to first distinguish between "No Scheduled Reminders are working" and "A particular scheduled reminder isn't working".

No scheduled reminders are working

  • You haven't yet set up your cron job.
  • Your Scheduled Reminders Scheduled Job (Administer menu » System Settings » Scheduled Jobs) isn't enabled.
  • Your outbound email settings aren't configured correctly. Test them at Administer menu » System Settings » Outbound Email.

One scheduled reminder isn't working

  • Your "Effective Start Date" or "Effective End Date" are outside the range of the reminder.
  • This reminder has already been sent. E.g.:
    • You have a reminder to go out 7 days before an event, which sends successfully.
    • 3 days before the event, you postpone the event to next month.
    • 7 days before the event, the same scheduled reminder will NOT fire again, because Civi won't send the same reminder twice, and the participants already received the reminder.
  • Your reminder is set to go to Additional Recipients, and is an event reminder. This doesn't work, and is removed in current versions of Civi.

Other things to check

  • Check the Scheduled Job log for Scheduled Reminders to make sure you see both the "job is starting" and "job finished successfully" messages.
  • Check your mail logs to ensure that the mailing actually went out. Some third-party mailers (e.g. SendGrid, Sparkpost) won't let you send with any "From" address you like, and your mail logs will indicate that the message was rejected by your mailing service.

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