The PHP warning appears everytime when a user enters "Manage Groups" (/civicrm/group).

The full warning:

Warning: Undefined array key "rows" in include() (line 6 of sites/default/files/civicrm/templates_c/en_US/%%7A/7A2/7A24E297%%Search.tpl.php).

The line looks like.

<div class="crm-accordion-wrapper crm-search_builder-accordion <?php if ($this->_tpl_vars['rows'] && empty ( $this->_tpl_vars['showSearchForm'] )): ?>collapsed<?php endif; ?>">

and this file is compiled from CRM/Group/Form/Search.tpl where this line looks like

<div class="crm-accordion-wrapper crm-search_builder-accordion {if $rows and empty($showSearchForm)}collapsed{/if}">

I did not learn much about the rendering in CiviCRM yet so I wonder what changed and what is going on here. Could somebody give me a hint?

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It's a bug and I think it's left over from before this form was ajax-ified. It doesn't cause any functional problem, but the variable should probably be removed. The idea I think was that after submitting the search form, if it found any results it would collapse the search criteria, but this page doesn't work like a normal search form anymore.


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