During of test, for proper Contacts/Membership/Contribution CSV import, i realized that is not possible to send a renewal message to graced/expired accounts through "Schedule Reminder".

Next, i've tried to send renewal messages through CiviMail with WordPress checksum link (as stated in CiviCRM Doc) following this order :

  1. Find Memberships with Graced/Expired status.
  2. Select all Records with Action "Email Send Now".
  3. Select Template to use with this email.

However message was sent with inapropriate content due to empty membership_id "&mid={membership.id}" in the generated checksum link of contacts and empty content of membership type & expiration date tokens.

enter image description here

  • Does anyone have used any of these or alternative methods / options to send bulk renewal messages to csv imported records with expired membership dates over 1-2 months prior to current date ?
  • Does empty membership_id and renewal tokens checksum link result to CiviMail improper configuration or bug ?
  • Any Suggestions ?

Civi 5.35.2 / WP 5.9.3


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