I have a D7/Civi webform that registers people, optionally, for two events. I've got it working with discount codes using conditional logic that sets the value in price fields. It allows users to pay via Stripe or pay later.

What I've found is that if I use a discount code such that the price is zero, two things happen: Firstly, if Stripe is set as the payment processor, I can't even submit the form, so I've made it clear on the form that in that case users must select the 'pay later' option.

Secondly, with the pay later option set, the form submits and the registration is completed, but no email receipt gets sent. As I understand it the the receipting is controlled by the Civievent, which needs to be configured to send confirmations (done), and the contribution page that is used, which also needs to be set up to send receipts (done). It all works perfectly if the payment is non-zero and made either via Stripe or the pay later option.

Is there something that I've missed, or is this a bug?


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