This is a bit of a corner case. This is reproduced in http://d46.demo.civicrm.org.

Go to Contacts => Manage Groups

Click on Update Smart Group Counts (left side below the Find Groups box)

It will error with a syntax error. It errors on the smart group LYBUNT.

This smart group was created with Search => Custom Searches => Contributions made in Year X and not Year Y.

  • If you can replicate this on the demo site, and you're getting an error, then you've found a bug. You can report it via the issue queue (civicrm.org/issue-queue). Note that it's unlikely to be fixed without submitting to the paid issue queue (civicrm.org/paid-issue-queue) or submitting a patch! Jul 28, 2015 at 22:21
  • Yea, I guess I really should have and I will. This was an offshoot of another one. Monish Deb asked me to create a new one. Same error different cause. He fixed the other case. Generating dynamic sql and getting all the clauses just right is an art.
    – Paul-Tahoe
    Jul 28, 2015 at 23:13
  • Created issue CRM-16931 for this.
    – Paul-Tahoe
    Jul 28, 2015 at 23:20

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I know this is old but it seems if there is a Smart Group that has no contacts it will throw up an error, at least, it does in my instance. I just disabled that Smart Group and the Update link doesn't throw a syntax error any more.

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