I'm trying to trigger a CiviRule when a contribution is created with a receive date earlier than today, using field value comparison, but I don't seem to be able to get this to work. According to this previous question, I should be able to use yesterday, -1 day and similar, but none of these options are working for me. Has anyone else been able to get something along these lines to work?

The field value comparison appears to be working: enter image description here enter image description here but the rule is never triggered.

I'm seeing a warning logged, but it doesn't seem directly related: [warning] Attributes passed to CRM_Core_Form::add() are not an array. Caller: CRM_CivirulesConditions_Form_ValueComparison::buildQuickForm Array ( [civi.tag] => deprecated )


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Not sure what the problem is but you should be a able to debug the isConditionValid function in the generic form value comparison and that should tell you what the problem is?


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