SearchKit and Formbuilder are impressively good at linking data from different entities and displaying them together. However, the display is so far limited to the view as table, list or grid. How would it be if there were additional (possibly also very simple) displays as diagrams (e.g. pie chart, bar chart, line chart). I imagine that one adds a diagram as a display and must indicate in this which column from the Composed Search is to be represented on the X- and Y-axis. As a display libraries could possibly something like threejs probably rather even dc-js be useful. Possibly one can build there even on the work of civisualize. These allow impressive visualizations, but for the adjustment a visualization must be coded in each case. This approach with Searchkit & Formbuilder should be configurable (even if with reduced functionality) on the surface.


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In the meantime, an extension is being developed that does exactly what you are looking for and is based on dc-js and is now called ChartKit: https://lab.civicrm.org/ufundo/chart_kit/

  • thanks a lot! that is clearing my request. will check it out.
    – tycho
    Commented May 13 at 8:26
  • Oh, so excited to see this! I think Civisualize has more functionality/flexibility, but it is so much harder to use.
    – zip
    Commented May 17 at 19:08

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