We have civi 5.53 and Wordpress.

I am wanting to deal with overdue memberships. We have an end date of the last day of the month. Start date doesn't work for us so using end date.

I can use the option for month before previous month to get all our 30 day overdues. I would like to be able to find all those end dates for membership that are 3 months and 4 months over due.

I'm wanting this to be an automatic search - so whilst I can do this manually does anyone know how I could do this so that I can save a report with the criteria in for 3 months and 4 months ago?

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Have you tried using Search Kit?

enter image description here


      "records": [
          "name": "Last_4_month",
          "label": "Last 4 month",
          "form_values": null,
          "mapping_id": null,
          "search_custom_id": null,
          "api_entity": "Membership",
          "api_params": {
            "version": 4,
            "select": [
            "orderBy": [],
            "where": [
                "now - 4 month"
            "groupBy": [],
            "join": [
                "Contact AS Membership_Contact_contact_id_01",
            "having": []
          "expires_date": null,
          "description": null
      "match": [

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