I'm starting a social work, family help and education center in Germany (empathus-erziehungshilfen.de). I would love to work with CiviCRM to document cases and spent time for me and my employees. I tried to install backdrop CMS (as well as WP and Drupal) but I couldn't really get it to work properly. Everything within CiviCRM I can do on my own, it's only a proper installation and initial setup for CiviCRM to work as it should. I am searching for a good-hearted CiviCRM pro who would help me install it. I'll provide the SFTP login and everything that's needed. We are a non-profit organization and I don't have much money to spend but I could afford $50 for your help.

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Have you looked at CiviCRM Spark? Just sign up and start using it.

Alternatively you can find a list of partners in Germany or globally who undertake paid work on CiviCRM.

Also, just checking you have found the installation guide

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