I am trying to send an email to around 4 thousand contacts but it took one day to send it to 500. I tried to go on "scheduled jobs" and "execute the job now" but it says error and I don't see improvements.

As suggested in an other question I also went on Civimail settings and I put 100 as Mailer Batch Limit, but nothing changed.

Hope you can help me. Many thanks!

  • Do you know if you have any limits set with your mail provider on how many emails can go out an hour? Commented Nov 24, 2022 at 11:21

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It is likely your ISP throttling your output. When we were with 1&1 it took 2 days to send 3500 email. Now we are with AWS it takes 50 minutes. You might be able to apply to your ISP to raise your limits.

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