CiviCRM 4.6.5, Wordpress 4.2.3

When I create a contribution page, I choose the financial type on which there is my taxes financial account linked.

The amount that the user can pay is decided by the user. So there is only "Allow other amounts enabled".

The tax financial account have a 14.975% rate.

When I put my page online and I try to make a contribution, I get a tax amount of 0.15% instead of 14.975%.

When I make a contribution manually with the same financial type, the taxes are calculated the right way.

If I put a precise amount with "Allow other amounts" disabled, the taxes are also calculated the right way.

Thanks for helping!

enter image description here

enter image description here

Whatever amount I put, the "Total tax amount" is equal to the Tax rate.

enter image description here


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This patch solved my issue by using a real priceset:


Details here:

Contribution forms with numerical quantities is not taxed properly



The real issue is still unresolved, please help!


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