My send scheduled reminder cron job has been failing consistently.

The log file shows about a dozen of these errors every time send scheduled reminders fails:

[warning] Deprecated function CRM_Utils_Token::getTokenDetails, use If you hit this in mailing code you should use flexmailer - otherwise use the token processor.
    [civi.tag] => deprecated

I use flexmailer already. The mail fails when using simple tokens like {contact.first_name}, but also when deleting all tokens from the mail body.

What could cause this behavior?

getTokenDetails is not mentioned as deprecated in their official documentation other than some other functions of CRM_Utils_Token.

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I had a png-logo pasted as part of our HTML signature: data:image/png;base64 The image pointed to an URL as well.

Deleting it solved the problem for me - if anyone can guess why, please edit or comment.

Now there is only one instead of a dozen of these alike error messages remaining for each run of scheduled reminders, which finally finish successfully.

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