In Refrence to my related issue how do I re-write the default preferences back to what they were when first CiviCRM was installed? Admin screen no longer accessible after search preferences changes..

Drupal 9, PHP 8, CiviCRM 5.55.2

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Do you have cv installed? You can do

cv ev '\Civi::settings()->set("quicksearch_options", array ( 0 => "sort_name", 1 => "contact_id", 2 => "external_identifier", 3 => "first_name", 4 => "last_name", 5 => "email", 6 => "phone_numeric", 7 => "street_address", 8 => "city", 9 => "postal_code", 10 => "job_title"));'

Alternatively if you have database access you can do

UPDATE civicrm_setting set value='a:11:{i:0;s:9:"sort_name";i:1;s:10:"contact_id";i:2;s:19:"external_identifier";i:3;s:10:"first_name";i:4;s:9:"last_name";i:5;s:5:"email";i:6;s:13:"phone_numeric";i:7;s:14:"street_address";i:8;s:4:"city";i:9;s:11:"postal_code";i:10;s:9:"job_title";}' where name='quicksearch_options';

  • I understand cv runs on your local environment or a secure shell on remote server. this is hosted at PANTHEON and there is no shell access. I have drush available .. the SQL will help! THANKS Dec 3, 2022 at 2:51

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