pretty sure this is related to TypeError: array_flip():

New install, CiviCRM 5.55.2 on drupal9 php7.4

  • setup few custom fields for INDIVIDUAL in new group, fields searchable. Not View only!
  • Create profile with fields, used for search listing, directory.. all fields searchable. and result
  • Set new profile as default contact - save

Autocomplete fails to list fields. clear cache, reset DB-triggers rebuild menu, etc no effect. return to search preferences, and get... enter image description here

If you remove the custom profile, everything returns to normal and fields list under autocomplete again..

With this in mind I

  • went back to my Profile and added a couple CONTACT fields, email, etc..
  • set profile in search preferences
  • Autocomplete stops working again
  • I select another option in autocomplete contact search PHONE, etc and save.

Autocomplete field lists come back! with all the previous fields selected. enter image description here

adding contact fields with individual custom fields was not the fix. Selecting deselecting any of the fields, reordering the list causes it to break. whether or not a custom search profile is used or not.

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There is a fix at https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/pull/25170, also with an upgrade script to fix any broken values in the database.

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