CiviCRM Noob here...

I have the requirement to allow for contacts/individuals to file a request for benefit. I have a case and timeline created. My question is how does the contact initiate the case process? Specifically, only contacts/individuals of a specific smart group, to have that ability?

Not Antonymous. Contacts-CMS Authenticated users, based on a tag, or a group, more specifically, users without a tag.?.? Or apprea on the contact dashboard..?

Drupal 9 Civi 5.55

Thanks for any help and direction with this. I have CiviCRM entity installed, thinking rule based module display might do the trick but.. not as straight forward as I thought. No menu item available to create a link. so I am kinda lost

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You can use webform-civicrm if you need anonymous users to create cases.


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